My name is Jarl Larsson and I like to make video games, and stuff like that.

I recently finished my Master of Science in Engineering: Game- and Software Engineering and I'm currently employed as a programmer at Image & Form Games, were we create (only) awesome games for almost every platform imaginable.

Below I've listed some of my personal and academic projects! :)

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Academic- & Personal Projects

Master's Thesis (2014-2015)


My master's thesis on physically driven procedural locomotion of bipeds and quadrupeds.

The work consists on the implementation of an algorithm for procedural locomotion and the evaluation of its realtime performance.


Source Code


GPGPU Raytracer & Raymarcher (2013-2014)


My GPGPU realtime raytracer+raymarcher uses a CUDA kernel to concurrently process rays for each pixel being rendered.

The application implements DirectX 11 interoperability with CUDA. The application is able to render textured meshes, geometric primitives and 3d fractals in real time.

Source Code


Amalgamation Game Engine (2013)


Amalgamation is a 3d game engine and a multiplayer spaceship dogfighting game. Built from scratch together with 7 other students in 6 months using C++ and DirectX 11.

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Gameplay Video

Gameplay Presentation Video

Undo-trees (2013)


I developed an undo-tree solution for a level editor made together with 3 other students.

Undo-trees are awesome as they let you treat internal command history within an editing app more like a version control system with branches.

Unlike stack-based undo systems, you don't lose your history when making changes after having done a few undos.

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Vodi - Platformer with Multithreaded Marching Cubes Terrain (2013-Ongoing)


Vodi is an experimental platformer with malleable terrain and planetoid gravity.


The Little Cheese Boy (2013)

The Little Cheese Boy

A charming Pac-Man homage made together with 5 other students. Developed with cross-platform in mind and is currently playable on Windows, OSX and Linux.

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Animats Potential Field Pathfinding (2012)


An experiment with simplified virtual lifeforms that pathfind based on positive and negative fields and some simple rules.


Io - 3d Puzzle Platformer (2011)


Io was developed together with 2 other students. In Io you are tasked with solving puzzles using digital clay.

The player can add or subtract clay in certain volumes of space.

Gameplay Video

Rendering - Implementation of Deferred Shading Techniques (2011)


Implementation of several common deferred shading techniques using MRT structures. This was a project in which I explored various post processing effects possible when using deferred rendering. It was implemented in C++ and DirectX11.

Gameplay Video

SoulHunter - 3d Hack- and Slash Adventure Game (2005-2011)


SoulHunter is a 3d adventure game with sword-based hack- and slash combat. The main protagonist of the game, is kind of an anti-hero, a wretched creature that has lost its own soul.

To survive, it has to consume the weak souls of the monsters inhabiting the large forest in which the game takes place.

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Hyperion - Platformer with Level Editor (2010)


A simple platformer developed in C++ using SDL for Windows and the handheld GP2X.

Includes a tile-based level editor

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Game Jams

Monstrous (2015)


Not much of a game, but more like a small experiment. Monstrous is a Black & White-inspired monster simulator.

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Up & Away! (2015)

Up & Away!

Guide the little monster to the top of the tree.

Classic 3d platformer, inspired by the N64- and PSX era

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Arms Race (2015)

Arms Race

Unfinished kart racer, with 4-seat multiplayer and single player modes.

Players are able to slap eachother around the track using giant hands!

Super Baby Seal Revenge (2015)

Super Baby Seal Revenge

The roles are reversed in this game, where you, as a baby seal, go on a rampage and club down some nasty seal clubbers!

Get the spiky ball rolling and club down the approaching enemies.

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Gameplay Video

The Gorghast (2014-Ongoing)


The horrible Gorghast is decimating the population, and you have to help it! >:D

Move the Gorghast around by dragging its feet, one by one. Eat and maim people to rack up your score and keep the combo going.

Infinite semi-procedural levels, choose whether to journey to the left or right.

Gameplay Video

Omnis (2014)


A reversed god-sim? Destroy the evil deity by hindering its worshippers to pray to it. Only by severing their connection to it may you succeed.

Plays somewhat like classic top-down Zelda games.

Entry Page

Whale Whale West (2014)

Whale Whale West

Whale Whale West was developed in 40 hours for a local game jam by me and a friend of mine.

It is an infinite runner type of game in which the player is being chased by a steam powered desert whale.

Won 1st place at BossJam 2014.

Gameplay Video

Apotheosis (2013)


Combine Mario Bros and Braid and this is what you get.

Use your time-rewinding ability to save the precious artifact from the vicious critters.

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Gameplay Video

Dearth of Ideas (2013)

Dearth of Ideas

You control the ego, equipped with a handy umbrella. Use the umbrella to protect the id, by catching good ideas and repelling bad ideas.

Made in 24 hours together with 2 other students. Won 1st place at BossJam 2013.

Gameplay Video

Amongst The Uncommon (2013)

Amongst The Uncommon

Paintball-shooting robot shamans come together to play some hardcore paintball. Use the awesome power of paintballs to convert the creatures of the world to your side, and use them to crush your opponents.

Development Timelapse (7 days!) & Gameplay Video

The Tiny Gryphalope (2012)

The Tiny Gryphalope

This game marks my Ludum Dare debut! It is a take on shoot-’em-ups such as Space Harrier and Panzer Dragoon.

The game was developed in 48 hours and it managed to crawl its way up to 5th place in the graphics category.

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Gameplay Video